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FRIENDS ONLY!!! [26 Mar 2005|08:28pm]
Yes I am now making mine Friends Only like so many other people. Why u ask? WELL i found out 2 people that i deffinetly dont want knowing every detail of my PRIVATE life have been reading my journal. So now they will no longer be able to. I have deleted MOST of my more earlier entries so now all the ones left that "every1" can read are from like last year etc...I will delete more and more until only my Friends can read my MOST recent posts. Thank you and Im out
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La La [20 Dec 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | bored as a cricket in a cage ]

wow, this is going to be such a boring christmas break. I have to stay home with my dad like everyday. Deah works, Dawn is always in P.O. with her boyfriend, and my mom is always out and about either getting her nails done or doing some other gay shit. So its not like i have a choice and be like "hey mom im going to "so and so's" house" ya kno? i feel bad, i mean my dad needs some1. Im not complaining, but i hate not being able to hang out with my friends when i really want to... And i keep thinking to myself, what am i gonna do for New Years Eve? I have no guy anymore :"-( I wont have a love right there to kiss when that clock strikes midnight...(sigh) So if anybody has any plans for me, please, call me A SAP because i dont have any at the moment and I would really like do something rather than stay up late watching the shining ball lower on TV with my madre. Im just so bored right now which makes me depressed...has any1 else ever experienced being so incredibly bored that it makes you depressed?

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Oh my god... [05 Dec 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | terribly sad ]

Connie R.I.P.

its so incredibly sad how people are dying so young...it makes u think how much u should treasure every moment of your life, good or bad.

If God gives me strength and courage, When the way grows steep and rough. I'll not ask for other blessings, I'm already blessed enough.
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Im lovin Angels instead** [02 Nov 2004|07:10pm]
[ mood | StuFFy ]

3 words...IM SICK AGAIN!!!! can u believe this shit? lol this is insane! right when i thought my sickness was going away la dee da, here comes the runny noise. I just cant stay away from the sick people at school! OH WELL.

So will someone please tell me how to use the LJ cut for pics? I was just messin around with it a min ago and still cant figure it out.

Today was boring but hey its election day! GOOO BUSH!!! woop woop! Republicans rock hell yea! haha. School was pretty good tho.I had a substitute in spanish! yeahhh but ms rector still left us 10,000 things to do for classwork! crazy stuff man. 2nd block we watched the Apprentice. 3rd block in the library. And 4th block finished watching a movie. It was so "relaxing" lol. And when i got home from school i did my homework right away which is VERY unusual lol so now i have like all this free time? crazy eh? Theres not much drama going on around school so thats always a +plus+

Alright well im out. I want a boyfriend, my moms being a BIA, and i cant, stop.....SNEEZING!


 Disregarding Law [7:17 PM]:  You are my earth and sky
BeachGal987 [7:17 PM]: 
you are my dirt and water
Disregarding Law [7:17 PM]:  my heart would not beat if it wasnt in your hands
BeachGal987 [7:18 PM]:  i could not walk if ur feet were not on my legs




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Your Eyes Burn Into My Soul [30 Oct 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | Vocal ]

Im bored...Im waiting for my dad to come home and take me to new smyrna. Were going fishing tomorrow so hopefully ill take some fun pics and put them on here. I really want to try out for amt next year...The only reason i didnt try out for it this year was because of sunsations and im obviously never doing that again! lol Im so glad i quit, that team is just too, whats the word "dramatic" ? Id rather start taking dance classes at a studio again. But if i do make amt, it will be my first and final year since ill be a senior (wow that sounds so weird...lol) but i want like a big part lol even tho there will be a lot of people that have been in it longer than me so i dont think id get one. I DUNNO! I see how i feel when that time comes around. Im too busy worrying about mr and ms seabreeze now and whether i should do it or not! A lot of my friends say that i should sing and others say i should dance...lol. I dont kno what i want to do. So people give me advice! And if i did dance, what song should i dance to? ive noticed the judges seem to pick people and like people who dance to like older songs...Senia danced to michael Jackson, and Meagan danced to that song from Flashdance (old movie) so i dunno, but i want to pick a song that will like go for people my age too ya kno? MR and MS seabreeze isnt really that too far away...and my teachers mentioned it to me the other day asking me if i was gonna do it so she really got me thinking about it! LET ME KNO WHAT YOU THINK! xoxo


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Quotes from the GREAT! [29 Oct 2004|07:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

*~*~*~*~*~*~this post is dedicated to Lauren: May we always be idiots together!*~*~*~*~*~*






















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You were everything, everything, that i wanted... [28 Oct 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | Not sure/thinking ]

So this weekend has been pretty interesting even tho ive been sick...Sometimes i just stare at something and go into an incredibly deep daze, i know everyone does that but i like cant get out of mine! lol its insane and sometimes it even happens while im driving (not too good) but yeah...i think its another symptom of this odd cold i have. Monday at school, lets see what did i do? I dont really remember anything on Monday lol. Tuesday I skipped 3rd with Ashley and Lauren. We took my car and randomly went to the ocean walk, shopped, walked on the beach to nowhere??? lol...it was such a waste of time and i skipped my most important class for nothing! im so stupid...i even ended up coming back to 4th? yeahhhh, but anyway today was fun. 1st and 2nd was boring still tho. Lunch brandon, kayli, and cayli (who i had to sneak off) all drove with me and we headed towards the famous zaxbys! we met other people there: Matt, Lauren, Chase, and some guy ive never met. But yeah that was fun. I ended up have to park LITRALLY in the farthest parking spot in the whole place! damnit i hate it when that happens lmao. But during break i parked closer up by ashley. I am now HATING leaving after school in that freaky parking lot because people are in such a rush to get out that they cut eachother off and get so close to my car i just want to put my car in park, get out, and scream in their face! I cant belive no1 has accidently hit my car yet, there were about 10 cars that were 1/2 inch away from my car today just in the parking lot that could have hit me in a second if the let go of there brake or something stupid...im thinking about just waiting a few minutes after the bell rings so that all the idiots are out of the parking lot by then. And i swear it takes me twice as long to get out of the parking lot because i let all of my friends out and i always see at least 6 people to let out lol...i dont give a shit about the people behind me tho...lol im in no rush to get back home?? YAY HOME I CANT WAIT TO DO MY HOMEWORK? ha F that. ok well im so tired. This entire week ive came home, ate, and feel asleep on the couch until at least 8pm. By the time i wake up i have so much homewrk and so much stuff to do that i just give up and dont finish anything. Aw well...

I was invited to 3 parties tomorrow night...I want to go to moriah's bday party but she just told me about it today? lol thanks moriah for the notice! and now my mom's in J-Ville and i need to ask her or she'll like flip out. And she's probably going to say NO because im still sick blah blah blah. It would be so much easier if i just had a boyfriend. My mom lets me go wherever i want if a guy drives?? yeah dont ask... Ok but i have to read like 120 pgs in this book by tomorrow for english! XOXO

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_*Stuffy*_ [25 Oct 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | sick/stuffy/MISERABLE! ]

*Im sick as a dog (like dogs get sick and all?)

*I have no clue what Im doing for Halloween

*Getting bad grades in Espanol

*Still wished i told that "special person" i liked him back but now its too late

yeah so today was a useless day at school...i was sick so it felt like every class was 45 minutes longer than normal. My nose runs constantly and at the same time its stuffy so i cant breath...My English teacher wasnt here so were didnt accomplish anything in that gay ole class. My ghetto spanish teacher accused me of not turning in my paper when i actually did turn it in but she gave it back to me without a grade on it so this morning she was like will u check to see if u have that paper and i was like mrs rector i am 100% sure i turned it in, and then she went back and came back to me like 20 min later and was like will u just check in ur notebook and i looked and of course there it was so she made me feel really stupid (so i did turn it in! lol) Me, Ashley, Lauren, and Matt all went to lunch together which i had to say was pretty fun, but brandon didnt go with us bc he didnt come to school until 3rd block (damnit!) lol.

YEAH! my weekend...Lauren comes over and she like has a horrible cold. and of course i get it. But shes now going out with matt whos "RB" (haha lauren) like best friend right? so matt and rb are hanging out that night and were talking ya kno ya kno...and they wanted us to come over! HOLLILULA! but they were gonna come over to my house BUT they were totally wasted. lol. Anyways, we didnt hang out with them that night but it still made me and lauren feel special that they called us and asked us to...har har. So Sunday i went and dropped lauren off and came back home to be totally miserably with my new sickness. UGH i hate colds!!! i knew i was goin to get one eventually bc like everyone in my classes are sick and i just catch everyones little floating viruses so easily. last night i felt like i was going to throw up the whole night and i did nothing but lay down and feel nasty. But yay lol

Alright if any1 has any good H-ween plans tell me ASAP! lol. I might go to Lauren's house and then find a partay in Breakaway but im not sure. XOXO



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NOW.THAT.I.CAN.DANCE. [21 Oct 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | WOO HOOOOOO ]

WOOOWOWOWOW! I am so incredibly bored yet in a really good mood for some UNKNOWN reason...ODD! Lets see today was boooring (as usual) did some stuff in Espanol that i dont remember, watched the apprentice and helped with "make a difference day" in 2nd blk, failed a test in 3rd, and failed another test in 4th haha. YAY! I dont kno why i keep updating this because i think livejournal is sort of ghetto now but i cant keep away from it...All the drama is great haha. OK well i have absolutely nothing to say except this......RANDOM!!! ahahahahaha lauren! omg it would be perfect for all of us to be together! lol DAMN DEMOCRATS! VOTE FOR BUSH! YAAAAY! NOT THE LIBERAL! YAAAY! BE REPUBLICAN! YAAAAY! NOT STUPID! YAAAY!

(a few words from a great american)

F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for you and me

N is for anywhere and anytime at all


F is for fire that burns down the whole town

U is for uranium....BOMB!

N is for no survivors, when you!

"plankton thats not what fun is about, here let me help you..."

F is for frolic through all the flowers

U is for ukalay lay

N is for nose picking, chewing gum, and sand licking, here with my best budday!

La la la la la hahahah la la laa la hahaha l ala la la!

(ah the great S.S.)

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...AT LEAST NOT TODAY... [19 Oct 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | scandalous ]

wow this weekend was so much fun! Friday night i didnt really do much, just go out to din, then saturday i washed my car SO good and did the inside of it and all that good stuff, then i went to New Smyrna and stayed there all day and spent the night there, woke up at about eh 4am to go sail fishing! so much fun! I highly recommend you going if you never have. I got my first sail fish and i have pictures of it and i would deffinetly post them on here BUT my scanners still broken DAH! But ill try to work something out! anyways so Sunday i was fishing alllll day...and then when we got back to r dock and i didnt kno that people get "initiated" when they catch theyre first sail fish, sooo dawn tells me "lets take a picture on the boat with the wahoo" (the other fish we caught), so we hopped on the boat, me, my dad, dawn, and thomas, and were getting ready to take the picture (allison was up on the dock with the cams) and all of a sudden dawn and my dad grab both of my harms and are like "GET IN THE WATER!!" and i have a FEAR for the water in the inlet by the dock bc theyre is so much weird shit in there, i caught a eel once, we've caught 2 poisonous fish things, and theres pyshco shrimp lookin crab things and everything u can thing of in there, so im screaming and sliding on the boat screaming as loud as i can "NO NO I DONT WANT TO GO IN THE WATER!!!"  and then Thomas had to put the fish down and actually help my sister and dad throw me over the boat...and in the water i went lol. very scary! i wasnt even thinking about how cold the water was i just wanted to get out! But yeah that was fun and allison got a few pics of that process...lol. other than that, once we got home from fishing we cleaned the boat blah blah blah u kno the stuff that sucks after fishing, then at around 9pm (we were still in nsb) my sister says that she needs to go to the emergency room bc this infection that she has really started to bother her, so my dad left and went to take her but she talked to her friends sister who is a ER nurse and she said just wait and all this other stuff....but actually right now shes in surgery where there "lancing" it or something, cutting it out? i dunno...so that kinda sucks...

yesterday i slepted in and skipped 1st and 2nd block bc i was just too tired to go so i came to school during lunch. Um and today was just a lazy day...i have some make up work in Espanol and a bunch of English but thats it...la la laaa!Lauren's going out with Matt! hurray for her! Xoxo

Disregarding Law [5:00 PM]: im still in love with you <<<<<(This guy is too crazy!) haha
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...I guess this changes are relationship? [16 Oct 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | back to normal ]

Hey well this should be a fun weekend! Hopefully anyways... Last night i didnt do much except go out to din din. I was so incredibly tired that when i got back i fell asleep and didnt wake up until 9pm! I think i have a problem because i have been incredibly tired lately! anyways when i woke up i went to bed to sleep some more lol...woke up at around noon today (just a little bit ago). Im gonna go over to New Smryna in a little bit and maybe go to the beach there. Then im gonna spend the night at our house and wake up bright and early to go sail fishing! yay i havnt gone sail fishing yet so hopefully it will be fun (but its gonna be cold! brr) ah i love how the weather is now...not FREEZING, but "cool"...it feels like X-mas! haha. I cant wait till x-mas bc thats when i get my rims! woop woop go on brush yo shoulders off! lol. Alright im out...i hate ugly people (timi and lauren u kno who im talking about ;-P) haha! love to everyone!

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You need a bigger bed ;-) [14 Oct 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | numb ]

So today was a normal/usual school day. But when i got home i probably got the worste news of my life...my dad has cancer. It's one of those things that u never think will happen to you and yeah here i am worrying about guys? I've already lost a sister, i dont cant even THINK about losing my dad. Hopefully everything will be ok after he has surgery. I dont really have much to say....except people should really think about what they have then to be bitching and worrying about the little things. It would be nice to have some1 comfort me right about now tho.



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...EaT iT uP... [13 Oct 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | sadly surprised ]

Ha i changed this livejournal ONCE again! i like it how it is now...i just wasnt diggin all the yellow lol...it hurt my eyes and made me see spots. This new and improved lj is  HOT and SEXAY! muahaha. Yeah thats me in my icon isnt that cool looking? So i keep forgetting juniors can go to prom too and im like hmm lets see what senior i could go with lol, duh ill just go with someone from my grade! why the hell am i thinking about prom we just had homecoming lol. Its never too soon to make plans! and i have absolutely nothing to do this weekend...so if any1 has any ideas give me a ring.  I wish i had a boyfriend lol, but in a way i dont...im just too picky when i shouldnt be. AW WELL!!! Today felt like it took forever! damn PSAT's! i wish we always had 40min classes! thats awesome they went by so fast!

I love you Robbie... you are my light... my soul... Keep on Keepin On

(ROBBIE IS MY NEW FIANCE!!...sorry Ivo! ahahaha)

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SUNNAY! [11 Oct 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | <<<Ashleigh (food on the mind) ]

yuh yuh obviously i changed my whole background and icon thing! yeah thats from one of my hc pics (see below lol) I like this background now its more sunny and yellowy...Tell me what ya think

So today has been an interesting day! It was rainy and nasty outside allll day and its supposed to be for the next 3 days or so says 99.9 Froggy FM lol. But anyways lunch was fun...i drove and we had to sneak Megan and Kay re off bc they didnt have ID's so they sat in the back back part of my suv but it was all good bc u couldnt even seen since my windows are tinted. Went to Zaxby's where we ordered like loads of food and barely ate any of it! we are so stupid lol. Saw some ppl there... Um 3rd and 4th blk went by slow as usual. After school i came home and fell right to sleep on the couch and didnt wake up until around 6pm when my mom woke me up...took a shower, ate, did some homewrk, lay around...u kno the usual lol. Today has been a slow day...feels like its taken forever just to get to 11pm. But anyways I hate Ashleigh Augustine...stupid fat bitch lol. Yeah shes the one who talks just to hear herself speak and the one who takes full credit for the Linkin Park dance that i worked my ass on...BUT now they changed like 3 parts timi tells me where supposedly since nicole is the only senior they make like a circle around her for one 8 count and she does w/e she wants to?? yeah that'll look like shit! so when everyone see's this dance at the next pep ralley...i made up everything except the gay parts lol. whatever people think they can talk shit about me now bc i quit sunsations and they have nothing better to do but i find out because my best friend and other friends are on the team still who tell me EVERYTHING. Ha and its kinda of funny bc they dont realize how much they get made fun of at pep ralleys...yea i didnt kno until i actually sat up in the bleachers, but wow ashleigh if u only heard what people said about u, you'd probably go annerexic (hopefully)...maybe by the end of the year ull look normal size :-D yea i hate her lol.

But besides the "drama" thats already starting. Im going to bed...i just wanted to post so i could see my new layout and everything. LOVE YOU ALL

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Homecoming 2004! wooo [10 Oct 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | YAYful ]

Last night was probably the worst homecoming i went to, and im sure everyone that went to it agrees with me. Nothing bad happened...it just sucked! lol. Well are theme was "Rock Through The Ages" and of course they played music from like the 40's! ha litrally...they played the gayest music i have ever heard and it was just stupid. There was probably only 3 songs that were from like "todays time" that were good rap songs to dance good. And even when they did play a fast song, it was like fast song, slow song, fast song, slow song, fast song, slow song...So after one dance u'd just get bored. The music sucked and if the music isnt good, the whole thing isnt good. But of course i loved gettign dressed up! yaay! and timi looked awesome too if i say so myself...I did her hair which turned out absolutely beautiful! I was so proud of myself haha. And she borrowed my shoes and my necklace and they matched perfectly with her dress! (see in pics) But anyways, there wasnt really that many ppl at homecoming. Well thats not what i mean, there were tons of ppl there but they were like all freshman and ppl ive never seen be4! that sucked too. But anyways...when me and timi were waiting to get picked up her friend Ceavey came and met us (hottie) haha and we talked to him but Kayli, kaitlyn, and there lil group came over and wanted a picture, so we gave are cams to ceavey to take pictures and he switched them! So Kayli got my camera and i got hers! ahaha! what luck eh? and i knew that i had the wrong camera right after they left bc it said there were like 15 pics left and i was like noooo i took way more pics than that! So i talked to kayli this morning who had already gotten the pics developed lol so she has my pics and i have hers lol. Crazy!

But after homecoming we hung out and timi's crib where we ate tons of food, and i couldnt stay awake even tho timi kept telling me i was going to fall asleep and i told her i wouldnt...lol. But i did! And we slept in till like 12am? i think and then ate some breakfast that timi made. So yeah thats pretty much it...I mean it was fun and all, but it could have been better! I loved dancing with the guys ;-)

HERES THE PICTURES!!! YAYY! oh but these are only the pics i took on the digital camera bc i cant get the others ones on the comp that i took on the reg. came bc my scanner is broken so these arent the pics from when we were actually at the dance.

This is my favorite "modeling" (haha timi) of us

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! (sorry its so big tho lol)

Kissy kissy! haha (yea one of those stupid pics girls do)

AH i have a lot more pictures but my computer is freaking out on my so ill put more on here later! LOVE YOU ALL

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STAND UP. FIGHT BACK. WALK TALL. [08 Oct 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | nervous for my life ]

well everyone...today was probably the worst day ive had in a VERY long time! and it was pretty bad! i dont mean like "waaa i found out he didnt like me" this was 10X's worse! DUN DUN DUUUN!

So the school day started off normal ya kno? Alarm clock went off, got ready, got dressed, u kno that ole chestnut. Well Deah never usually leaves at the same time i do but she had to go to some golf thing early this morning? So we were both leaving and she was parked liked up by the garage in the driveway, but she had to wait until i got out. And if every1 has ever been to my house when everyone was home the driveway is like car, car, car, car, car...ANYWAYS! i was hurrying up bc Deah was waiting for me to leave right? So im hurrying up and i looked in my mirror(like a good driver ya kno)to make sure nothing was behind me. WELL its like pitch black outside so even when u look in ur mirror u dont see shit anyways. But this was all before i had my car on and my lights on...so i totally didnt look back again after i turned my car on, but the stick in reverse, let my foot of the brake, and about 1.2 seconds...BOOM! I FUCKING SMASH INTO MY OTHER SISTERS 4RUNNER! yeah backed right into it...blonde moment eh? And this probably wouldnt have been SO bad, but about a week ago my mom totalled Deah's car by backing into it. So anyways deah's still sitting in her car when she heard me run into dawns 4runner...lol. She gets out runs inside and i guess yelled to every1 that i ran into dawns car. GREAT! I get out of my car, get the fucking broken piece of license plate or w/e that thing is in the front and start crying and shaking and freaking out and deah comes running back outside with a fucking smile on her face???? and im like omg im shaking and shes like u should be here comes dad! im like SHIT NOOO! he starts flipping out (just what i need) dawn i guess woke up comes outside i hand her the broken piece and starts crying and saying Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry! but i guess she wasnt mad bc she felt bad for me i dunno...So she offered to take me to school bc i was like hypervenalating (wow big word haha) But i was like NO ITS OK! haha...and i looked at my car but it was still dark so i didnt see much ya kno, and the only thing that i thought was wrong with dawns car was the broken license plate, but nooo of course it had to be worse, when i got home dawns front was like cracked! i guess i couldnt see bc the rest of the lisence plate thing was still on it...so yea my mom said its probably about $300! WTF! im so pissed. So I cried the whole way to school and if every1 saw me and was wondering what happened...now u kno. I was like mad at myself bc it was such a stupid thing to do i cant believe i did it. So thats my whole car story...My car isnt new anymore

Homecoming is tomorrow! ah so excited! my plans are made...everything is good! i cant wait to get my hair done and get ready tomorrow its gonna be buckets of fun! lmao. You always feel so pretty teehee. I still have to go to the mall, but im goin tomorrow be4 my hair appt bc like everybody in FL is going tonight. I gotta get a few last minute things. Ok im outy! XOXO

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DAHHHHHH!!!!!! [05 Oct 2004|04:19pm]
[ mood | fucking pissed! ]

Well my homecoming plans have changed AGAIN!!!!! this makes me realize how much i hate homecoming every year...i actually dont hate it, once i get to the dance, but omg making plans for it is a pain in the ass! I wish i just had a date and we could go together! Now bc im not goin with lauren i decided i might go with timi, but she acts like shes not going to kno what shes doing until the night before, so now i might just go with ashley and her group. I DUNNO! la la laaa. ANYWAYS! i got this bomb ass digity purse that matches my dress perfectly! yay! I just hope homecoming goes well...ok im out peace foos!

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H O M E C O M I N G! [02 Oct 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | I want to kiss you! ]

wow so Homecoming is like right around the corner...WEIRD. I have my whole outfit now, the dress, the shoes, the "accesories", and everything else is done! my hair appt is made so thats good. My shoes were more expensive than my dress but hey thats me lol, i always love shoes over anything else. I tried on my whole outfit together and its sooo hot. I love it! woop woop~ So, so far me and Lauren are going bc like i said awhile ago i think its more fun to just go with like one friend, that way nobody gets left out and its like one on one ya kno? ill meet a few guys there which im really excited about. And i dont kno if kaitlyn and kayli are coming but they wanted to come with me and lauren and invited megan and wanted to go in a group so i said ok fine and now kaitlyn recently told me that she thinks shes goin with alli? so i dont kno what the fuck theyre doing but homecoming is soon so we kinda have to make plans...lol but i kno me and lauren are deff goin. SO kay re please tell me. But anyways! Everyones senior pictures looks soo good! im like amazed how much better they look compared to last years, its carazay. I cant wait to get mine done! wee! haha. I watched the best movie last night called Walking Tall. It just came out like 3 days ago it think and The Rock is in it, really hot, and i had to watch it lol. So if anyones lookin for a good movie to watch- get Walking Tall!

My car is pissing me off...every time i wash it it only looks clean for one day and then i guess because of the color u can see like every little water drop and speck of dirt on it! it makes me soo mad bc its not like a little sporty car ya kno and it takes awhile to wash that beast. Plus! the roads that i take to get to school are flooded for like 1/2 a mile! LITRALLY! so i go like 5mph in water so i dont splash any water on my car and then the next day it rains...WTF! so theres like no way i can dodge getting my car dirty lol. Id  take it to a place where they wash it for u...but im afraid theyll like scratch it or something haha....yyyeaahhh.

OH YEAH! i totally forgot to say that....I QUIT SUNSATIONS! dun dun duuun! yeah im no longer the captain of sunsations :-'( its kinda sad but kinda good in a way. We had practice everyday, i skipped Tuesday's practice because i had to come straight home and work on my seminar for english with my group, so Mrs SKANKY took me out of the damn feild show this friday (yesterday) but yet she still wanted me to go to all the practices for the rest of the week? So i was like f this and she's added like 20 extra practices, including practices on weekends which i am NOT gonna do! in fact, there was a practice from 9-2 this morning....could u imagine ME getting up at 9am on a saturday morning? especially after being up late on friday night and at the fball game? YEAH RIGHT...thats a enough of a reason right there to make me quit...But sunsations is just ghetto now. I hope Nicole quits bc shes like the only cool person left on sunz lol...except for a few freshman that are my home dogs! haha yeah there fun. So yeah no team spandex...sorry brandon lol. im kinda sad about quitting but i mean i feel so "FREE" lol lauren... and it feels soooo good to just go straight home after school and not have to stay until 6 pm sometimes...i have so much time to do whatever i want! and AH i cant explain it lol.

Thats all i can think about saying right now...la la laaa! Ok im outy! love u all! XOXOXOXOXO

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[25 Sep 2004|09:51am]
[ mood | depressed ]

13 random things u like




4.My friends


6.My Endeavor


8.My pups



11.Guys (duh) lol

12.The Millenia Mall


12 Movies (no order)

1.Pitch Black



4.TCOR (timi!!! lol)

5.13 Going on 30

6.I Dream of Africa

7.Triple X

8.Uptown Girls

9.The Mummy

10.The Knockaround Guys

11.Sweet Home Alabama

12.The Rundown

10 Things About You

1.I love to shop

2.I have over 60 pairs of shoes

3.I drive a Mitsubishi Endeavor

4.Im very short (5'2") heh...

5.Im petite I guess?

6.Um, I go to Seabreeze!

7.I am very talkative

8.I love all my friends

9.I love to Dance!

10.I live out in BFE

9 Good Friends(No Order)






6.Ashley (R)




( I have so much more but those were the people that first popped into my head)

8 Favorite Foods/Drinks


2.Shirly Temple mmm


4.Snickers Ice Cream bars

5.Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)


7.Carabba's Manicotti

8.Cookie Dough ice cream

7 Things You Wear Daily


2.Heels (Most of the time)




6.Toe ring

7.thong?? (haha, i do wear one daily...)

6 Things That Annoy You

1.Waking up early

2.People that think they're better than u in any way

3.Guys that dont call u back!!!!

4.After school traffic

5.John Kerry (and every1 that likes him)


5 Things You Touch Everyday

1.My car

2.My closet door

3.My dog

4.My computer

5.My cell phone

4 Shows You Watch



3.The OC


3 Celebrities You Have a Crush On

(This is Easy)

1.Vin Diesel

2.Vin Diesel

3.Vin Diesel

2 Things You Cant Live Without


2.I guess, my family

1 Person You could Spend the Rest of Your Life With

1. Probably Brett :-/


~ Well thats a bunch of helpful information for anyone whos bored and/or obsessed? lol... Hey stuff like that keeps me busy. I have to go clean around the house because my seminar group is probably coming over today and work on The Rapture of Canaan. I usually dont want more time off of school because of gay ass hurricanes,  but now because this proj is due Tuesday Im REALLY hoping that we get at least Monday, Tuesday, and MAYBE Wednesday off...Just so that we have extra time to make are seminar really good. But yeah im getting really sick of guys! All of my friends are getting boyfriends and are so cute together and im still single...wtf! FOR EXAMPLE...lauren started liking this guy like in the beginning of the week right? And they like never even talked before, how she did it ill never kno, but her and that guy are like so close now. And Ive been trying for this one person for soooo long but yet i cant even get him to call me! And im sure almost every1 knows who im talking about...UGH i just wished i told him that i liked him when i did...well i still do BUT...!!

Ok here's the story...and i hope his somehow gets back to him. Well me and Brett had Geometry together last year..and we never even knew eachother until we sat next to eachother and started talking. Well at first we were good friends ya kno because i found out that he was friends with brandon, and thats when i liked brandon, so he started to do little favors for me like talking to him for me. But then i started to like Brett...and i thought he liked me too. But then out of no where he tells me he's starting to like someone else. And i couldnt tell him that I liked him because he liked her so much...I mean he worked with her, he talked to her, well when he could bc of her pshyco boyfriend. But Brett would even call me at like 1am to talk to me about her. And to tell you the truth i just loved it when he called me even if it was about another girl. And so i kept liking brett, and i started to call him a lot...blah blah blah, until i found out he had a girlfriend! how was i supposed to kno? no1 told me...and she didnt go to r school. And that really got me sad :-( because i thought i had a chance with him. So he isnt with her anymore...and of course i still like him and hes single. So I dont kno what Im supposed to do. Whenever i call him on his cell phone he's always doing something and we talk for like 5 minutes and thats it. And he never calls me i always have to call him. SooOoOoO i just like gave up on him. Even tho i still like him a lot i dont kno what Im supposed to do. So i dont kno how it will, but i hope this story somehow gets back to him.




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!WIND! [21 Sep 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

ok right now my madre is watching something on tv with some carazy dramatic like violin music! lol...it made me giggle! But other than that...Today was bad, well not really but kinda. ok so i'll list the bad things that happend OK

1.(lastnight) Timi called me late at night when i was like 1/2 asleep and she told me we had pictures tomorrow (today) and i didnt do anything to my hair so today is was nasty     

2. Forgot my brush to tame this beast on my head

3. Found out i didnt have pictures

4. failed my vocab test

5. had practice and had a horrible time dancing in puddles and getting my shoes and feet all wet

6. Hurt myself in like 12 different spots of my body during dance...now i can barely walk on my right leg bc it feels like i pulled some muscle in my calf, hurt my back doing all this crazy shit and now i cant bend that so i walk like a mentally retarded person.

7. Drove home from practice and as i pulled into the driveway, stepped out of my car, got my dance bag and started to look for all of my notebooks and books, started feaking out bc they werent in my car and i couldnt remember what i did with them and then GASP i remembered i left them sitting in the hallway by the dance room!!!! UGH

SOOO other than that i did see that special person a few times today...oo la la...which always makes me happy, of course. I had a DECCA meeting today which was kinda fun/boring lol. I forgot i had plans to go off with lauren and i felt so bad. Oh my lord yesterday was soo funny during lunch. Me, kayli, and kaitlyn all went off to B-King and we had to HALL ASS to my car because it was raining poodles and kittens! yeah kayli and kaitlyn were laughing at me for bc i was running like as fast as i could in a skirt bc i didnt want to get wet! and they were just like jogging like little princesses in spring time! LMAO! and then when we finally reached the vehicle we were panting and breathing sooo hard like we havnt ran in like 10 years lol..and all of are makeup was Fed up lol. THEN when we got back to the parking lot some hicks pulled up next to us and they seriously had grass in there car!!! like all this grass for no reason!! so we came up that they were going to feed their horses...and thats why they stocked up on grass and put it in their trunk. Its the only reasonable explanation! haha! And i just dont understand WHY it is sooo windy?? from some hurricane? its insane and picture day is tomorrow for me and the wind just messes my hair up and the whole outfit...BLAH! wow this is a long ass update so ill keep it short and sweet (like me!! haha riiight) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Lyrics for the Night:

...The year is ninety-four, in my trunk is raw

In my rearview mirror is the motherfuckin law

Got 2 choices y'all, pull over the car or (hmm)

bounce on the Devil, put the pedal to the floor

And i aint tryin to see no highway chase with Jake

Plus i got a few dollars, i can fight the case

So I, pull over to the side of the road

"Son do you know why Im stopping you for?"

Cause Im young and Im black and my hat's real low

Or do i look like a mindreader sir? I dont know

Am i under arrest of should i guess some mo'?

"well  you was doing fity-five in the fity-four;

license and registration and step out of the car-

are you carryin a weapon on you? I know a lot of you are"

I ain't steppin out of shit, all my papers legit

"Well do you mind if i look around the car a little bit?"

Well my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk is the back

And i know my rights, so you gon' need a warrant for that

"Arent you sharp as a tack! You should try out for the lawyer or something, somebody important or somethin"

Child I aint passes the bar, but i know a little bit

Enough that you wont illegally search my shit!

"Well we'll see how smart you are when the canine comes"

I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one - HIT ME!


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