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H O M E C O M I N G!

wow so Homecoming is like right around the corner...WEIRD. I have my whole outfit now, the dress, the shoes, the "accesories", and everything else is done! my hair appt is made so thats good. My shoes were more expensive than my dress but hey thats me lol, i always love shoes over anything else. I tried on my whole outfit together and its sooo hot. I love it! woop woop~ So, so far me and Lauren are going bc like i said awhile ago i think its more fun to just go with like one friend, that way nobody gets left out and its like one on one ya kno? ill meet a few guys there which im really excited about. And i dont kno if kaitlyn and kayli are coming but they wanted to come with me and lauren and invited megan and wanted to go in a group so i said ok fine and now kaitlyn recently told me that she thinks shes goin with alli? so i dont kno what the fuck theyre doing but homecoming is soon so we kinda have to make but i kno me and lauren are deff goin. SO kay re please tell me. But anyways! Everyones senior pictures looks soo good! im like amazed how much better they look compared to last years, its carazay. I cant wait to get mine done! wee! haha. I watched the best movie last night called Walking Tall. It just came out like 3 days ago it think and The Rock is in it, really hot, and i had to watch it lol. So if anyones lookin for a good movie to watch- get Walking Tall!

My car is pissing me off...every time i wash it it only looks clean for one day and then i guess because of the color u can see like every little water drop and speck of dirt on it! it makes me soo mad bc its not like a little sporty car ya kno and it takes awhile to wash that beast. Plus! the roads that i take to get to school are flooded for like 1/2 a mile! LITRALLY! so i go like 5mph in water so i dont splash any water on my car and then the next day it rains...WTF! so theres like no way i can dodge getting my car dirty lol. Id  take it to a place where they wash it for u...but im afraid theyll like scratch it or something haha....yyyeaahhh.

OH YEAH! i totally forgot to say that....I QUIT SUNSATIONS! dun dun duuun! yeah im no longer the captain of sunsations :-'( its kinda sad but kinda good in a way. We had practice everyday, i skipped Tuesday's practice because i had to come straight home and work on my seminar for english with my group, so Mrs SKANKY took me out of the damn feild show this friday (yesterday) but yet she still wanted me to go to all the practices for the rest of the week? So i was like f this and she's added like 20 extra practices, including practices on weekends which i am NOT gonna do! in fact, there was a practice from 9-2 this morning....could u imagine ME getting up at 9am on a saturday morning? especially after being up late on friday night and at the fball game? YEAH RIGHT...thats a enough of a reason right there to make me quit...But sunsations is just ghetto now. I hope Nicole quits bc shes like the only cool person left on sunz lol...except for a few freshman that are my home dogs! haha yeah there fun. So yeah no team spandex...sorry brandon lol. im kinda sad about quitting but i mean i feel so "FREE" lol lauren... and it feels soooo good to just go straight home after school and not have to stay until 6 pm sometimes...i have so much time to do whatever i want! and AH i cant explain it lol.

Thats all i can think about saying right la laaa! Ok im outy! love u all! XOXOXOXOXO

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