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Homecoming 2004! wooo

Last night was probably the worst homecoming i went to, and im sure everyone that went to it agrees with me. Nothing bad just sucked! lol. Well are theme was "Rock Through The Ages" and of course they played music from like the 40's! ha litrally...they played the gayest music i have ever heard and it was just stupid. There was probably only 3 songs that were from like "todays time" that were good rap songs to dance good. And even when they did play a fast song, it was like fast song, slow song, fast song, slow song, fast song, slow song...So after one dance u'd just get bored. The music sucked and if the music isnt good, the whole thing isnt good. But of course i loved gettign dressed up! yaay! and timi looked awesome too if i say so myself...I did her hair which turned out absolutely beautiful! I was so proud of myself haha. And she borrowed my shoes and my necklace and they matched perfectly with her dress! (see in pics) But anyways, there wasnt really that many ppl at homecoming. Well thats not what i mean, there were tons of ppl there but they were like all freshman and ppl ive never seen be4! that sucked too. But anyways...when me and timi were waiting to get picked up her friend Ceavey came and met us (hottie) haha and we talked to him but Kayli, kaitlyn, and there lil group came over and wanted a picture, so we gave are cams to ceavey to take pictures and he switched them! So Kayli got my camera and i got hers! ahaha! what luck eh? and i knew that i had the wrong camera right after they left bc it said there were like 15 pics left and i was like noooo i took way more pics than that! So i talked to kayli this morning who had already gotten the pics developed lol so she has my pics and i have hers lol. Crazy!

But after homecoming we hung out and timi's crib where we ate tons of food, and i couldnt stay awake even tho timi kept telling me i was going to fall asleep and i told her i But i did! And we slept in till like 12am? i think and then ate some breakfast that timi made. So yeah thats pretty much it...I mean it was fun and all, but it could have been better! I loved dancing with the guys ;-)

HERES THE PICTURES!!! YAYY! oh but these are only the pics i took on the digital camera bc i cant get the others ones on the comp that i took on the reg. came bc my scanner is broken so these arent the pics from when we were actually at the dance.

This is my favorite "modeling" (haha timi) of us

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! (sorry its so big tho lol)

Kissy kissy! haha (yea one of those stupid pics girls do)

AH i have a lot more pictures but my computer is freaking out on my so ill put more on here later! LOVE YOU ALL

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