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13 random things u like




4.My friends


6.My Endeavor


8.My pups



11.Guys (duh) lol

12.The Millenia Mall


12 Movies (no order)

1.Pitch Black



4.TCOR (timi!!! lol)

5.13 Going on 30

6.I Dream of Africa

7.Triple X

8.Uptown Girls

9.The Mummy

10.The Knockaround Guys

11.Sweet Home Alabama

12.The Rundown

10 Things About You

1.I love to shop

2.I have over 60 pairs of shoes

3.I drive a Mitsubishi Endeavor

4.Im very short (5'2") heh...

5.Im petite I guess?

6.Um, I go to Seabreeze!

7.I am very talkative

8.I love all my friends

9.I love to Dance!

10.I live out in BFE

9 Good Friends(No Order)






6.Ashley (R)




( I have so much more but those were the people that first popped into my head)

8 Favorite Foods/Drinks


2.Shirly Temple mmm


4.Snickers Ice Cream bars

5.Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)


7.Carabba's Manicotti

8.Cookie Dough ice cream

7 Things You Wear Daily


2.Heels (Most of the time)




6.Toe ring

7.thong?? (haha, i do wear one daily...)

6 Things That Annoy You

1.Waking up early

2.People that think they're better than u in any way

3.Guys that dont call u back!!!!

4.After school traffic

5.John Kerry (and every1 that likes him)


5 Things You Touch Everyday

1.My car

2.My closet door

3.My dog

4.My computer

5.My cell phone

4 Shows You Watch



3.The OC


3 Celebrities You Have a Crush On

(This is Easy)

1.Vin Diesel

2.Vin Diesel

3.Vin Diesel

2 Things You Cant Live Without


2.I guess, my family

1 Person You could Spend the Rest of Your Life With

1. Probably Brett :-/


~ Well thats a bunch of helpful information for anyone whos bored and/or obsessed? lol... Hey stuff like that keeps me busy. I have to go clean around the house because my seminar group is probably coming over today and work on The Rapture of Canaan. I usually dont want more time off of school because of gay ass hurricanes,  but now because this proj is due Tuesday Im REALLY hoping that we get at least Monday, Tuesday, and MAYBE Wednesday off...Just so that we have extra time to make are seminar really good. But yeah im getting really sick of guys! All of my friends are getting boyfriends and are so cute together and im still! FOR EXAMPLE...lauren started liking this guy like in the beginning of the week right? And they like never even talked before, how she did it ill never kno, but her and that guy are like so close now. And Ive been trying for this one person for soooo long but yet i cant even get him to call me! And im sure almost every1 knows who im talking about...UGH i just wished i told him that i liked him when i did...well i still do BUT...!!

Ok here's the story...and i hope his somehow gets back to him. Well me and Brett had Geometry together last year..and we never even knew eachother until we sat next to eachother and started talking. Well at first we were good friends ya kno because i found out that he was friends with brandon, and thats when i liked brandon, so he started to do little favors for me like talking to him for me. But then i started to like Brett...and i thought he liked me too. But then out of no where he tells me he's starting to like someone else. And i couldnt tell him that I liked him because he liked her so much...I mean he worked with her, he talked to her, well when he could bc of her pshyco boyfriend. But Brett would even call me at like 1am to talk to me about her. And to tell you the truth i just loved it when he called me even if it was about another girl. And so i kept liking brett, and i started to call him a lot...blah blah blah, until i found out he had a girlfriend! how was i supposed to kno? no1 told me...and she didnt go to r school. And that really got me sad :-( because i thought i had a chance with him. So he isnt with her anymore...and of course i still like him and hes single. So I dont kno what Im supposed to do. Whenever i call him on his cell phone he's always doing something and we talk for like 5 minutes and thats it. And he never calls me i always have to call him. SooOoOoO i just like gave up on him. Even tho i still like him a lot i dont kno what Im supposed to do. So i dont kno how it will, but i hope this story somehow gets back to him.




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