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well was probably the worst day ive had in a VERY long time! and it was pretty bad! i dont mean like "waaa i found out he didnt like me" this was 10X's worse! DUN DUN DUUUN!

So the school day started off normal ya kno? Alarm clock went off, got ready, got dressed, u kno that ole chestnut. Well Deah never usually leaves at the same time i do but she had to go to some golf thing early this morning? So we were both leaving and she was parked liked up by the garage in the driveway, but she had to wait until i got out. And if every1 has ever been to my house when everyone was home the driveway is like car, car, car, car, car...ANYWAYS! i was hurrying up bc Deah was waiting for me to leave right? So im hurrying up and i looked in my mirror(like a good driver ya kno)to make sure nothing was behind me. WELL its like pitch black outside so even when u look in ur mirror u dont see shit anyways. But this was all before i had my car on and my lights i totally didnt look back again after i turned my car on, but the stick in reverse, let my foot of the brake, and about 1.2 seconds...BOOM! I FUCKING SMASH INTO MY OTHER SISTERS 4RUNNER! yeah backed right into it...blonde moment eh? And this probably wouldnt have been SO bad, but about a week ago my mom totalled Deah's car by backing into it. So anyways deah's still sitting in her car when she heard me run into dawns She gets out runs inside and i guess yelled to every1 that i ran into dawns car. GREAT! I get out of my car, get the fucking broken piece of license plate or w/e that thing is in the front and start crying and shaking and freaking out and deah comes running back outside with a fucking smile on her face???? and im like omg im shaking and shes like u should be here comes dad! im like SHIT NOOO! he starts flipping out (just what i need) dawn i guess woke up comes outside i hand her the broken piece and starts crying and saying Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry! but i guess she wasnt mad bc she felt bad for me i dunno...So she offered to take me to school bc i was like hypervenalating (wow big word haha) But i was like NO ITS OK! haha...and i looked at my car but it was still dark so i didnt see much ya kno, and the only thing that i thought was wrong with dawns car was the broken license plate, but nooo of course it had to be worse, when i got home dawns front was like cracked! i guess i couldnt see bc the rest of the lisence plate thing was still on yea my mom said its probably about $300! WTF! im so pissed. So I cried the whole way to school and if every1 saw me and was wondering what u kno. I was like mad at myself bc it was such a stupid thing to do i cant believe i did it. So thats my whole car story...My car isnt new anymore

Homecoming is tomorrow! ah so excited! my plans are made...everything is good! i cant wait to get my hair done and get ready tomorrow its gonna be buckets of fun! lmao. You always feel so pretty teehee. I still have to go to the mall, but im goin tomorrow be4 my hair appt bc like everybody in FL is going tonight. I gotta get a few last minute things. Ok im outy! XOXO
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