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...EaT iT uP...

Ha i changed this livejournal ONCE again! i like it how it is now...i just wasnt diggin all the yellow hurt my eyes and made me see spots. This new and improved lj is  HOT and SEXAY! muahaha. Yeah thats me in my icon isnt that cool looking? So i keep forgetting juniors can go to prom too and im like hmm lets see what senior i could go with lol, duh ill just go with someone from my grade! why the hell am i thinking about prom we just had homecoming lol. Its never too soon to make plans! and i have absolutely nothing to do this if any1 has any ideas give me a ring.  I wish i had a boyfriend lol, but in a way i just too picky when i shouldnt be. AW WELL!!! Today felt like it took forever! damn PSAT's! i wish we always had 40min classes! thats awesome they went by so fast!

I love you Robbie... you are my light... my soul... Keep on Keepin On

(ROBBIE IS MY NEW FIANCE!!...sorry Ivo! ahahaha)

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