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La La

wow, this is going to be such a boring christmas break. I have to stay home with my dad like everyday. Deah works, Dawn is always in P.O. with her boyfriend, and my mom is always out and about either getting her nails done or doing some other gay shit. So its not like i have a choice and be like "hey mom im going to "so and so's" house" ya kno? i feel bad, i mean my dad needs some1. Im not complaining, but i hate not being able to hang out with my friends when i really want to... And i keep thinking to myself, what am i gonna do for New Years Eve? I have no guy anymore :"-( I wont have a love right there to kiss when that clock strikes midnight...(sigh) So if anybody has any plans for me, please, call me A SAP because i dont have any at the moment and I would really like do something rather than stay up late watching the shining ball lower on TV with my madre. Im just so bored right now which makes me depressed...has any1 else ever experienced being so incredibly bored that it makes you depressed?
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